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Interrogate and investigate with a dialogue system built around real world detective techniques, experience the grit and character of New York City and delve deep into a mystery that harnesses the power of Augmented Reality.

The fresh-faced detective and the four oddballs.

This narrative-driven experience follows the story of Edward, a fresh-faced detective, as he pursues the unsettling story behind his mentor's death and the four oddball suspects in question.

True-to-life dialogue.

QR Code Killer uses a never-before-seen dialogue system that utilizes a keyword system to put you in full control of solving the case. Interrogate suspects about evidence, put the pressure on them about their alibis, and expose their lies. Are you the good cop or the bad cop?

Hold the evidence in your own two hands.

The game comes with a companion app which through Augmented Reality allows you to hold and inspect evidence as though it was literally right in front of you. The app also comes with a variety of other features!

Download the companion app on Google Play now!
There is a link provided via the steam announcement page above or through QR code scan on the main menu of game

Android: https://bit.ly/2PfZ0Ir

Alt Space Games
StatusIn development
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Maya
TagsAtmospheric, Augmented Reality, Detective, Immersive, interrogation, Meaningful Choices, murder-mystery, Narrative, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Homepage


Buy Now$3.50 USD or more

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QRCodeKiller.rar 42 MB

Download demo

QR Code Killer (Demo) - SetUp.exe 40 MB

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Only takes you to the Steam page when trying to play, not sure what the point is?

07RBE-XQM7D-G7QFW here you go


You're very welcome hope you like the game!


FYI, stuff you get in a free sale doesn't seem to give out steam keys. If you want to give those out you'll probably have to figure out some way to do that manually.

Can confirm this, no steam key.

Regardless, it look a very cool game and that companion thingy has me curious :P

0KJPY-G5D8A-AB4AK try this :)

(1 edit)

It's gone :/ It takes perfect timing for me to claim it this way and the odds are very slim.. I tried to pm you on twitter but you have messages off and I couldn't find an e-mail address. So I posted a comment for you to pm me (I think you can pm others even if you have messages off). I couldn't think of something else  // scratch that.. I just found an e-mail from twitter info. I'll send there

E-mail got mailer deamon xD So it's just the twitter post


her you go 0CQ2A-W7ZVA-5N04T

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Thank you but I was unfortunately too busy to check itch.io for a while and someone else grabbed the key. If you are willing to give away another key you can send it to [e-mail deleted] to insure that I get it. But if not then I fully understand and thank you very much for making the attempt in the first place.


Sent :)

Thank you very much. That's super cool. I really appreciate the generosity. Have a wonderful new year. :)